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Just down the road,
there used to live a dog named Zai.
He considered himself to be the bravest dog in the world.
One day
Zai's master went out,
and told him to guard the house,
Zai was very pleased.
'I hope a burglar comes along,'
he thought,
'then I can bark and frighten him away,
and everyone will know how brave I am.'
Just then
there came a loud noise.
Bang! Bang!
it went.
Zai looked round.
But there was nothing there.
'Perhaps it's the burglar trying to break into my house,'
he growled.
Then the noise came again, even louder.
Bang! Bang!
It was right behind him.
But when Zai Jumped round,
there was still nothing there.
He began to feel a bit frightened.
Whatever could it be?
Soon Zai's master came back home.
The dog was very glad to see him.
But as he was saying hello,
the noise came louder than ever.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Zai looked back and was frightened.
Zai's master laughed.
'What a noise your tail makes!'
he said.
'Every time it wags, it bumps against the door.'
'So that's what it was,'
Zai thought and saw that.
'Fancy being frightened of my own tail.
I'm not so brave after all.'
And Zai was back to his own self.

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Artist: Muffin Stories
Video title: Misunderstanding | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables | muffin songs
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