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Odol's Talent
One day, there was a huge storm in the village where the animals lived and there wasn't any food left.
So, Chichi, Doongga, Odol and Tori left for the village across the river fo look for food.
there is no end to this road.
We must be lost.
I'm tired and thirsty. Where's the river?
I'll go up the tree and see.
Hm... Oh! It's the river.
Guys, we'll reach the river if we go this way.
Okay, let's go see.
Hurray! It's water.
oh! It's so nice and cool.
Ooh! Yah! Ha ha ha.
I feel much better.
I'm so glad Chichi is good at climbing trees.
That was nothing. But, which way is it now?
The village is supposed to be across the river.
There should be a bridge somewhere.
Let's go this way.
Huh? Guys, don't go that way.
I hear a lion.
A lion?
Huh? I don't hear anything.
I can hear well because of my large ears.
We have to get out of here. Follow me.
Wow! Let's run!
Huh? The bridge is broken.
What should we do?
It must have broken in the storm.
Leave it to me!
This is a piece of cake.
Wow! Great!
Where is the village?
Oh! I'm so tired and hungry.
My legs hurt.
Don't give up.
It has to be around here somewhere.
The animals were too tired and hungry.
How much more will they have to go before the village appears?
Oh! My friends all have a talent and they've helped. I don't seem to be of much help.
Odol felt sorry. At that moment, he smelled delicious food.
Oh! I smell food. Guys, I smell food.
Really? I don't smell anything.
I can smell well. Okay! Let's go this way.
The village will appear.
Yeah! It's the village.
Odol, you're so great. you can small things from really far away.
No, If Doongga didn't make that bridge we wonldn't have made it.
No. If Tori didn't have such great hearing, we would have been a meal for the lion.
But, if Chichi didn't go up the tree, we wouldn't have found the river. So we all helped to get here.
The animals arrived at the other village safely.
They ate delicious food and brought some food back to their own village.

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