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A hungry fox was hovering about a vineyard.
"Oh, dear. If I don't go beyond that fence, I won't be able to eat those grapes."
The fox tried to crawl under the fence, but he was too big to go through.
"Right. If I starve a few days, I should be able to go through that fence."
The fox starved for three days and lost weight.
The fox was finally able to crawl under the fence.
"Ha ha, I'm so smart. Now I can eat those delicious grapes."
The fox boasted of his brains and ate up the grapes.
"Yummy, this is so good. I'm so hungry after starving for three days."
The fox jumped around the vineyard and ate all the grapes he wanted.
The fox's body became fat like before.
"I'm so full. I ate too much. So what. I'm glad I was able to eat those delicious grapes."
"I should leave now."
The fox tried to crawl under the fence again.
What do you think happened?
The fox could not go through the fence.
"Huh? What happened? Why can't I go through the fence."
The fox had eaten so much he gained all his weight back and could not make it past the fence.
The fox realized what the problem was and he had to starve for three days again.
After starving the fox was able to get through the fence again.
The fox mumbled as he looked at the vineyard.
The fox regretted at being foolish.
He returned home with a growling stomach.

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